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Nov 13, 2014

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Sometimes you go camping thinking the worst thing that could possibly happen to you is you getting lost and having a short in the food and water supply. I however beg to differ. The worst things that can happen to people in a camping tour, except animal bits are cheap tents. So my boyfriend and I had planned for this trip for a long time. We were going somewhere in the woods during summer to give ourselves sometime alone to relax and just enjoy each other’s company. Something many couples do, I presumed. The trip was going to be great, food, check, water, check, tent, check, GPS, check, clothes and blankets, check, first aid kit, check. We had parked a great deal of things and told some friends where we were going and for how long just in case we got lost or died. Just preparing for the worst.


No cell reception and just me and my love in the woods. We pitched the tent for the first day and it was extremely cold. We thought it was just because it was at night. In the day our tent was so hot almost boiling point heat and it smelled like burning polythene bags. It was so uncomfortable. The tent was making the whole camping trip a disaster. Almost unbearable. To make things worse it did not keep any of the bugs away, if anything it attracted them. In the morning we would wake up with blisters and sore because of the numerous bites. It was a bad trip, in fact, by far the worst. In that trip I remember wishing we were just lost in the woods but with a good tent. It was supposed to be a relaxing trip and yet we could barely sleep. The only best thing was going out during the day for a walk or nap on the grass under shades because there would be no sleeping. I know no sleeping when it’s just you two is usually fun and naughty but not when you have a war to fight against bugs, heat and excess cold.


The tent had been bought just two months before the tour and by the time we were going home it had holes and rips. So I will advise anyone who is going on a camping trip with a tent for two, please avoid buying cheap camping tent for two. Just so you do not have to cut short your trip like we did on account of trying to save some little change instead of getting the best quality there is.
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When it comes to working your cardio and staying fit, nothing gives your workout routine better results than an elliptical trainer. However, for even better results, you need to have the best trainer that can not only give you a good workout but also help you to feel more comfortable. Here are some top elliptical machines 2015 that I’ve tried and I have to say they are pretty impressive.

Sole E95

The sole E95 is among the best elliptical that comes with a motor-adjust incline ramp, adjustable foot pedals and a heavy flywheel which are among the stand out features that make this machine top this list. Above that, the machine has a sturdy frame that helps you feel more comfortable allowing you to work out for longer without the fear of toppling over. The smooth and quiet functioning of this elliptical trainer make it easier for you to train at anytime of the day or night without your neighbor or roommate coming to knock down your door. With two heart rate interactive programs, it helps you to also be in the know as to how well you’re working that heart. This trainer easily scoops the first position because of these stand out features.

Octane fitness Q37ci

What you will love most about this trainer is its compact design and the fact that it offers you more than any other elliptical will offer you. For once not only does it have small footprints that feel comfortable under your feet, it also has multi-grip handlebars which improve comfort ability and also ensures that you can constantly change your stance and be able to work out for longer. The robust weight makes it a comfortable to use even for the larger athletes and also operates quite smoothly. With added durability, the only thing that makes this best elliptical come in second is the fact that it does not incline. Aside from that, it is one that you will desire to jump on first thing after you wake up every morning.

Having the best elliptical for your workout routine will mean that you not only jump on it because you have to but also because you love to do it and it makes you feel comfortable up there. You will also have a better work-out because of the superior features and qualities which is why investing in one of these two ellipticals would be a worthwhile investment for you and your body.

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My decision to start practicing yoga stems from the fact that I am a very anxious person by nature and do not handle stress well. I even remember tensing up and getting horrible stomach aches as a child when I was worried about school projects. Now as an adult, my stress and anxieties manifest as stiff muscles which cause everything from back pain to headaches. I think I’m at a point in my life now where I’m ready to make a major lifestyle change, so I don’t have to endure this discomfort. Committing to weekly yoga classes was a lot easier than shopping for yoga mats. What’s the difference between mats? Does it matter? Which is the best yoga mat for beginners? These are questions I’ve needed to consider in my search for the perfect yoga mat for me.

So, as it turns out, there is no special beginners yoga mat as I thought there’d be. Yoga mats are a fairly simple product that should be universally easy to use. That being said, the matter of making a decision on one is not any easier. Yoga mats have a huge range in price with some costing as low as a few dollars and others reaching far into the triple digits. I just need to look at all the facts and see what specifics are most important to me. Some yoga mats have especially good grips, so you know you won’t slip, others help you to keep your body perfectly aligned through out your work out. Many mats come in fun designs and prints and there are even mats that fold up into tiny squares so you can pop them into your purse.
I’m not trying to make any particular statement with my mat. In fact I’d rather go completely unnoticed during my workout. So I won’t be purchasing the printed mats. And while I like the idea of keeping my body aligned and the convenience of popping my mat into my bag after a workout, it’s not all that necessary for someone with workout commitment issues. I think I’ll stick with plain and affordable for now.

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